Contract Manufacturing Services

Outsourcing production is an important step in product development for your business. You should know how selecting the right contract manufacturer can ensure you get the quality parts you need while saving time and money.

Finding that right partner isn't always as easy as it seems.

Not all contract manufacturers are created equal, and working with the wrong one can reflect poorly on the end product and your brand, potentially eroding trust with your consumers. It's why at Circuit Assembly we pride ourselves on being that ideal partner that you can count on for all of your contract manufacturing needs - and we do it in a variety of ways.

Circuit Assembly Contract Manufacturing Worker

What does Circuit Assembly offer when it comes to contract manufacturing?

We have a local presence in the US where we can assist with product design, engineering, and prototyping. After the prototype is set, we work with our customers to determine the best course of action for production.

Our team is able to seamlessly transition production to our manufacturing team in China as needed. The firms we work with realize the cost benefits of doing so and pass the savings down to the consumer.

We are also able to scale up within our local US facility to support companies who cannot manufacture outside of the US due to customer or government restrictions. 

Cable assemblies

Wire harness


Original design manufacturing

Kitting services & packaging design

Design for manufacturing

Product design

Box builds


Rack mounts

Pneumatic systems

Cable to enclosure connections

PC board to enclosure mounting

Connector installation

Hardware and final assembly

What are customers searching for?

We've found that it's a combination of things, which include location, service, production specialties and the ability to meet deadlines and growth requirements over time. Ideally, a good contract manufacturer should become an extension of their clients' business.

It's what we strive to do with every client we serve.

Location is also important because most organizations like being able to meet in person and tour facilities before making a decision or signing any contract. This helps the process run more smoothly from the onset, and it can also avoid costly and time consuming mistakes that could arise should production be off-shored immediately.

When an organization can work with a manufacturer that's close to a company's location, it allows it to oversee prototyping and get the product right before scaling up production. It's a type of collaboration that cannot be matched, and it's why we it's our preferred business model.

A good contract manufacturer isn't just easy to work with, but one that offers a high level of customer service. Remember, this should be a mutually beneficial relationship. in order to be successful, both the company and the contract manufacturer are going to need each other. At Circuit Assembly, we run our operations accordingly.

Circuit Assembly Contract Manufacturing Customer

Finding the sweet spot.

Companies also want to know the specialties or "sweet spots" of contract manufacturers, and while this can include how they do business and work with customers, it also includes factors like capability, stability, and if there are parts or components they excel at making.

What's our sweet spot?

Our competitive advantage over other manufacturers is that we excel in fabricating a variety of parts and components in just about every industry.

While our core specialty is making cable assemblies, our true sweet spot is the range of work we can perform and the wide variety of companies - from industrial to commercial to medical markets - we are able to adequately serve.

Connect with us.

We have more than 50 years of experience producing parts and components.

Our robust quality management system is in place to ensure products are high quality. We produce products are Certified ISO 9001 and 14001 to ensure quality standards are met.

Your main point of contact will be with our domestic offices in California. We are here for timely service when you need it.

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